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Oro Valley, Arizona

We've expanded into Oro Valley! We're loving the appreciation and feedback that we're receiving from everyone and man! you guys got garage doors for day. If you're new to John's Garage Door Repair give us a call or schedule an appointment we'd love to see your setup. 

Don't forget the best way to avoid repairs is to maintain your equipment Oro Valley gets hot and dry during the summer and that can break down a lot of components check out our new Tune & Lube Special we're we come out to help prevent sudden garage door failures.

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Garage problems come at the worst times!

It seems that something as critical as a working garage door to get into (and secure) your home, always seems to fail at the most inconvenient times. Like when you need to leave for work and you can't open it to get your car out, or when you're getting home at night and realize you can't close it to secure your stuff.

While I don't offer "24/7/365" service, I do take calls 6 days a week from 8:00am until 6:00pm. I work with your schedule to find the soonest, most convenient time for me to come to you to take care of your repair needs.

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Message from the Owner

Thank you for considering me for your garage door repair. As the new owner/operator of John's Garage Doors, I can assure you you'll deal with me directly, and I'll give you not only the very best price, but assure you the very best service as well.
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